St. Mary Our Mother School

Welcoming, Nurturing & Empowering


Welcoming ...

St. Mary Our Mother School welcomes families of all faith into our community. We provide a caring place of learning where students are engaged and families are appreciated. When you entrust your child to our care, they are supported throughout their educational journey.

"I feel so comfortable in the school and always welcome."

We believe that a strong family connection creates a positive school experience. This partnership between school, parent and child provides the tools necessary for academic and personal progress. Engaged students are the measure of our success.

Nurturing ...

St. Mary Our Mother School nurtures students in a safe and small environment where values, respect and accountability are vital. This strong foundation allows children to grow academically, spiritually and morally. We want our students to thrive as individuals, while learning to work together in community.

"St. Mary Our Mother School provides the foundations we want for our children: love for knowledge as well as respect for others."

We teach our children to celebrate diversity, to relate to others, and to take an active role in their own learning. Community service projects teach the value in caring for others, while respect for and service to others prepares our children to become future leaders and citizens.

Empowering ...

St. Mary Our Mother School empowers students to learn and teachers to do what they do best - teach. Classrooms provide a challenging and creative atmosphere, encouraging students to be motivated learners. We are focused in our academic approach, yet able to identify and engage individual learning styles.

St. Mary Our Mother School. . . Educating Hearts & Minds

"My child learned work and study habits ... and was well-prepared for 7th grade."

Structured schedules, disciplined classrooms and small classes create a safe and optimal learning environment.