• Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (word, publisher, power point)


Art class at Saint Mary Our Mother is a place to relax, visit with your classmates, and get CREATIVE!  We try to experience every type of art media during your child's journey through school.

Areas include:

  • Painting: temperas, watercolors, and acrylics
  • Clay sculpting: Mexican pottery clay, Sculpey, various types of dough
  • Textiles: yarn, felt, burlap, fabrics, even some sewing
  • Paper: cut paper crafts, origami, three-dimensional forms

The children will also experience papier-mâché, plaster of Paris, block printing, linoleum carving, woodcraft, and recyclables art.  Of course, drawing and coloring is a must!  We will use colored pencils, charcoal, pens, markers, pastels, and crayons.  Quite often we venture into multicultural crafts which are very exciting and informative for the children. 

Some areas include African, Asian, South American, Polish, Mexican, etc. 

We always have an ever changing display of Art work in the hallways at Saint Mary Our Mother School. We hope you are able to enjoy this work whenever you are in the building


General Music instruction begins in PreK-4 and continues through Gr. 6.  Instruction includes music theory and technique, as well as vocal instruction. Music instruction includes a school-wide Christmas Play, a Grandparents Day musical presentation and Spring Recital.


The Computer Technology Program follows STEM guidelines as well as the high standards in education set by the Diocese of Rochester. 

  • Skills learned in earlier grades are continually reinforced.
  • Collaborative projects with classroom teachers occur at all grade levels.


  • Hand eye coordination
  • Opening and closing programs
  • Names of basic computer components

K - Gr. 6

  • Internet safety
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology vocabulary
  • Coding
  • Digital art
  • Word Processing
  • Animation
  • Awareness of technology in the world around us
  • Exploration of internal computer parts and other digital equipment

Gr. 2 - 6

  • Keyboarding - introduced in Gr. 2, reinforced through Gr. 6.
  • Internet for research and instructional support
  • Citing work
  • Invention Literacy / Creative Intelligence
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (word, publisher, power point)

Gr. 3 - 6

  • PhotoStudio image editing program
  • Finale Song Writer for music creation

Gr. 5 and 6

  • Website structure/design/creation
  • CAD design/3D printing

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program follows our Diocesan Standards, as well as aligning with the New York State Learngin Standards. Phys. Ed. is offered two times per week.


Academic Intervention Services (A.I.S.) is provided throughout the school year.  As both push-in and pull-out models, AIS support in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade helps each child level the playing field so that they can be as successful as possible.