Give your child a strong foundation


PreK-3 is located in the newly renovated St. Joseph's House next to St. Mary Our Mother School. A day there begins with FREE PLAY, with use of toys, puzzles, books, writing and drawing materials and the dramatic play area to stimulate imaginations. This is also a time for small group and individual instruction, including rainbow writing and 10 frame counting.

CIRCLE TIME begins with a morning prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, a good morning song. and a review of recently learned colors, letters, numbers and shapes. We update the calendar and check the weather.

MORNING SNACK After finding their personalized placemat and answering the “Question of the Day”, a healthy snack from the community snack shelf or something that we have prepared in our kitchen is provided, along with water.

LEARNING CENTERS In the math and science center, we count, sort, match and make patterns. We have sand, water and a discovery table along with some simple science experiments. In the art center, we have easels for free painting and art materials available for creative expression. We make crafts that relate to the theme & letter of the week. The art of baking & cooking is a big part of our curriculum.

LARGE MOTOR ROOM offers a variety of activities including riding toys, a mini obstacle course, daily exercises and organized preschool games. There is an assortment of sports balls, blocks, pretend toy figures and a rock box for construction play. The children will have the opportunity to use musical instruments along with singing and dancing to a variety of music.

OUTDOOR PLAY on the playground is a daily activity, weather permitting. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, balls, riding toys and other activities are available.

LITERACY We review the parts of the book, listen to a story, recite nursery rhymes and do finger plays. We incorporate religion through stories and activities that teach us about God.

LUNCH begins with prayer and focuses on table manners.

The children are encouraged to find a book of their choice while settling down for QUIET TIME. Children rest while listening to soft music.

CLOSING CIRCLE/DISMISSAL, focuses on independently putting on and zipping coats, putting folders into their backpacks, a goodbye song, closing prayer and a review of our day.

CHILDREN LEARN THROUGH PLAY. We use paint, shaving cream, Play-Doh, glue, markers and other fun learning tools. Children should wear comfortable play clothes and shoes.

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT We use redirection when necessary. If needed, a child may sit out for a short amount of time. If a child hurts, hits, kicks, bites, etc. he or she will receive an immediate timeout. If your child tells you that they were in timeout, please do not reprimand them. They have already received a consequence for their actions. Preschool is a new learning experience and having a timeout is just a new learning tool for them. We use DAILY COMMUNICATION FOLDERS to relay information and to send home work and masterpieces your child created each day.